Horseback Riding

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At El Galpon, we have designed great horseback rides with different difficulty levels, so everyone can enjoy riding along our Estancia, and experience the wonderful landscapes of Patagonia.

Our rides include an English speaking guide, so we suggest you book ahead to secure your dates. We are waiting..!

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Ride to the Lago Argentino shores

A journey from the stables, with panoramic views of Lago Argentino and the Natural Reserve "Lago de los Pajaros". We cross the valley up to the Centinela river and its mouth into the Lago Argentino. We return along the shores of the Lake, watching the stunning scenery of the mountains and icebergs coming from the Upsala Glacier.

Dificulty: Easy

Duration: 1 hour 30’ aprox

Ford across Centinela River

We walk a path to reach the Centinela river, finding along the way black buzzard eagles, vultures, owls, condors, finches, rabbits and armadillos.

Then we cross the river and slowly climb a hill to look at the river mouth of Lago Argentino. Then down to the shore and we walk up heading back to the Estancia, across the river again.

Dificulty: Moderate

Duration: 2 hours 30’ aprox

Includes: hot and cold beverages and traditional homemade pastries and snacks

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Sand Oasis Trail

We'll start heading northeast, across the yard where the sheep-herding demonstrations are done and by the valley where are most of our sheep. We'll continue riding along a path, until we reach the Centinela River. On the way we´ll be able to appreciate great variety of local birds, as black-chested buzzard-eagle, owls, condors and long-tailed meadowlark among others!
We´ll cross the river and continue our ride by a plain, which will lead us to a hill, which we´ll climb slowly. From the top we´ll be able to see the river mouth of the Centinela River on the Argentinean Lake.
Once downhill, we´ll continue our ride along the shore of the lake for about an hour. On one side, we´ll have the great turquoise lake and on the right an immense sand wall. After climbing it, we´ll get the first aerial view where we can contemplate the vastness of Patagonia! We´ll witness the transition from the steppe until huge sand dunes, that then yields to a high plain where is possible to gallop.
After ascending a 300 m. hill, we´ll be able to appreciate the range of the Andes Mountains and the Southern Ice Fields.
After this amazing view, as soon as we start descending we´ll be surprised with a sand oasis hidden between the steppe and the lake.
We´ll ride through the sand dunes until we meet with the lake shore. Afterwards, we will dismantle for lunch for about half an hour. This is time for relaxing, stretching legs walking by the beach and in a warm day even swim in the glaciers waters!
During the return, we´ll continue riding by the lake shore and we´ll cross several times the different branches of the Centinela River as well as the principal one.
When we arrive, after we dismantle and remove the saddles in the stable, we can enjoy a drink in the lobby. To return to the stay, we will dismantle and you can enjoy a drink in the lobby of the Inn.
Dificulty: Intermediate – Experienced

Duration: 5 hours aprox

Equipment: jacket, gloves, sunglasses, sunscreen, boots, pants, coat, scarf and hat.

Includes: cold beverages, pic-nic lunch

Minimum of 2 persons required, and we can take a maximum of 8 people.